What Do You Know for Sure?

What Do You Know for Sure?”

These are words and a phrase are often asked by my idol and role model, Oprah.

There are three things I Know for Sure through many tough, hard and, oftentimes,  enjoyable life lessons. 

I know Beauty, I know Happiness, and I know Jubilation.

Behind beauty, there is the strength in knowing the courage it takes to be unabashedly confident, despite insurmountable odds. Behind happiness, there is the quiet peace after experiencing tremendous pain during the many trials and tribulations I have experienced in life. Finally, behind jubilation is the joy and excitement in knowing that I have an opportunity to live and fight to see another day, as long as God blesses me with breath and life.

We all have beauty, happiness, and jubilation inside us. Every day is not and will not be flowers and sunshine, as I often say regularly to my closest friends. True joy in beauty, happiness, and jubilation is the truth in knowing that we can experience all of these things in spite of our circumstances. 

We were all created with innate gifts. It is our duty to share these gifts with others through beautiful gestures, encouraging words of happiness, and jubilation in knowing that we all have something to contribute to this world. In those things, we can find comfort, and rest. 

What do you know for sure, as a result of the many beautiful lessons in life? It’s a wonderful question to ponder.

I welcome and encourage your comments and thoughts. Thank you.