My Thankful List

It is so important to remember all of the things for which we are Thankful. Oftentimes, the things for which we are thankful largely outweigh our stumbling blocks and the small bumps in the road of life.

One habit I have started within the last 6 months is, at the end of each week, I write down five things for which I am thankful. It’s a wonderful habit for me as it encourages me, lifts my spirits, and brings me peace. Today, I will share the five things on this week’s thankful list with all of you.

  1. My beautiful parents. They have been together and married for over forty years. They stick by me through good times and bad. They remind me that true and lasting love is attainable and real. 
  2. Joy. It’s a gift from God and surpasses all understanding. I rest in knowing that the joy He so graciously gives is always with me, to comfort and strengthen me. 
  3. My Daughter. My one and only child. My sunshine when skies are grey. Her resilient spirit is a blessing to my life. 
  4. My Brother. My only sibling, who I call my “younger but wiser” brother. His resilience is a source of strength for me. He inspires me to be my best self. He lives life to the fullest and never gives up on his dreams. I love him with all of my heart. 
  5. Life. It’s beautiful and amazing. Today, I looked up at the clouds and said “I am so blessed and lucky to be alive.” To live and learn is a wonderful blessing. Each day gets better and better. 

What are five things for which you are Thankful today? Write them down. I promise your spirits will be lifted.

I welcome and encourage your comments and thoughts. Thank you.