Sleeping Beauty

As the Sleeping Beauty drifts off to sleep, she prays the Lord her dear soul to keep. She dreams of love, she dreams of laughter, she dreams of her happily ever after. In her dream her prince appears, and he tells her heart to no longer to fear. He is true, he is noble, he is worthy, so with him her heart does not have to hurry.

The prince adores his Sleeping Beauty, to protect her Heart is his true duty. He protects her, he adores her, he is captivated, as for such a beauty he has long awaited. When she wakes the prince vows to make his Sleeping Beauty his one true happily ever after, as her Beauty and presence alone has his heart in deep capture. This dream, like all dreams, comes to an end as Sleeping Beauty awakes, wondering if her prince will come to her rescue, she prays, for her sake.

The Beauty tells herself dreams do come true, and if she prays for that honorable prince, is it something God will truly do. She longs to tell others to never give up on their dreams, as difficult and hard as it may sometimes seem. There is a prince that is honest,  noble, and true, as God reassures her by telling her “When he finds you, he is just for YOU.”


  1. I enjoyed your poem. Sleeping Beauties are very rare to find, so I’ll encourage the great men I know to awake the sleeping beauty with a Kiss and take their time.


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