You Matter

Martin Luther King, Jr. has a quote that I absolutely love. “Don’t let anyone make you feel like you are a nobody.” The simplicity of this quote is powerful. Whether you are a janitor taking amazing care of a property, a woman climbing the corporate ladder, a minority trying to find your way in this time of division in our country, you matter. You matter because there is no one else like you in this world. You matter because no one has the wisdom gained through life experience that you possess. You matter because it starts with one individual to make a change in this world, and no matter how small or large the size of your goal, it matters. Your goals matter. Your ideas matter. Your unique perspective matters. Your divine, predestined existence matters.

There is an amazing woman that works as a cashier at the CVS close to my home. I have never met someone so kind, so graceful, and so genuinely happy. She is always smiling, says hello to everyone that enters the store, and once you reach her register, she always has an encouraging word. I have made it a point to let her manager know on multiple occassions what a source of positive energy she is in the store. On the first day I did so, five people lined up behind me to express their gratitude for the sheer genuine kindness of this phenomenal woman. She humbly credits her kind spirit to God, and being thankful for life. As a cashier at CVS, she matters, and her smile and kindness has an amazing impact on me and many others.  She matters to me and has an impact on my day when I visit the store. She matters to everyone she encounters each day.  She is phenomenally somebody.

My friends, please let no one tell you that you don’t matter because of your social status, your gender, your ethnicity, your religion, or your beliefs. You matter, and you are SOMEBODY. 

I welcome and encourage your comments and thoughts. Thank you.