Let Your Passions Be Plentiful

Photo by Dee Thompson on Pexels.com

I saw an advertisement recently that showed a picture of a woman who was an accountant by day, and showed her dressed in casual wear in the evening as a photographer. It was followed by a hashtag #YouCanDoBoth.

I am passionate about many things. Helping others, painting, writing, fashion, history, and politics to name a few. I dare not say I master all of my passions. What I will say that it is ok and actually healthy to have many different interests, to be open-minded, and to be intellectually curious. 

Recently, I was asked why would I pursue an area of study when it would be easier for me not too? It brought back a memory of the advertisement I saw recently. Obviously, this individual was not familiar with #YouCanDoBoth.

Please know that is ok to be intellectually curious. It is ok to be passionate about many things, and to have a voice. Do not let others dismiss your passions. Your passions are uniquely yours. Embrace your intellectual curiosity, your passions, and your interests.


I welcome and encourage your comments and thoughts. Thank you.