Red Robin

There once was a beautiful Red Robin who was one of the most stunning birds in the forest. Red Robin loved to sing. She would sing to others in the forest when she sensed their sadness or dismay. Red Robin would take her beautiful, red, protective wings to embrace others to say without words “It will be ok, do not give up, good things are in your destiny.”

Robin wanted for few things. Her biggest wish was for those in the forest around her to see the beauty that she saw in the simple things. Red Robin appreciated the beauty and simplicity of nature, the crisp wind beneath her wings she experienced while flying, and the smell of fresh rain after a rainstorm. Robin appreciated the small things of beauty and always remained optimistic and hoped for the very best.

One day, Red Robin clipped one of her wings on a tall tree while flying through the forest. Robin’s clipped wing caused her great pain as she could not soar close to the clouds as she usually did and, because of her wing pain, she found it hard to sing the same beautiful high-pitched songs at dawn and at sundown. Sadly, Red Robin could no longer wrap her glorious wings around those in the forest for encouragement, so she mustered up the strength to use one wing to place on the back of her friends in need.

Red Robin remained hopeful for her wing to heal but, alas, she did not know what it felt like to be hopeless and not encouraged, as she had always been hopeful and the encourager to everyone in the forest.

Robin’s clipped wing was slow to heal, so she found other ways to show her steadfast love and care for the forest by tweeting instead of singing, flipping her wings softly to support others and comfort them with her presence, and flying lower to the ground to discover new things and friends for which she had never experienced.

Red Robin healed with determination, as she had another dream to fulfill. Robin wanted to regain the affection of her one true love, Blue Jay. Robin’s love Blue Jay was also one of the most beautiful birds in the forest in his own right.

Blue Jay truly adored Red Robin’s boldness, fearlessness, kindness, her striking beauty, her glorious healthy wings, and her strength. Blue Jay did not know how to love Robin when she was not at her best because of her clipped wing, and when she was not able to soar at high heights as she used to prior to clipping her wing, he felt alone and abandoned by Red Robin. Unfortunately, Blue Jay was not able to give and comfort Red Robin in her time of need as she had given and comforted him while he was wounded. Blue Jay knew how to receive love and care, but he did know how to give love and care to others.

You see, Robin’s true love was once a wounded bird for whom she cared for deeply and nursed back to health during his time of need. Blue Jay received Robin’s love and nurturing meant just for him while he was wounded. Sadly, Blue Jay never learned to love and care for Red Robin and his friends in the forest, so he eventually flew away after Robin clipped her wing, never to be seen in the forest again.

Robin remains resilient and knows she will sing again, soar again, and love again. Red Robin is confident she will regain her strength and be stronger and stronger each day.

Red Robin continues to heal and she now flies higher and higher each day. She soars and sings again, and once again encourages all of her friends in the forest. 

Red Robin has faith and hope that she will eventually heal completely, if only from the radiant, healing sunlight from above that forever shines over the forest, the land, and all of its inhabitants. Robin’s new wings will be strong and eternal, and no one will be able to hurt or take her eternal wings away ever again.

Soar, Red Robin. Soar. 

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