Adjust Your Crown

Adjust your crown, you beautiful queen. We all know this world can be so cruel and mean.  Do not let anyone or anything take away your destiny, your hope, your confidence, or deter your dreams. Adjust your crown.

Whether your hair is coiled, curly, braided, or straight, whether your skin is freckled, pale, honey brown, tan, or the shade of sweet dark chocolate, adjust your crown, as you too have the tremendous ability to be great. 

There will be distractors, there will be detractors. There will be those who say you cannot do it. They will say, you cannot run this race. They will ask, who do you think you are?

You tell them this. I am a queen. I am of a royal sisterhood. Strong women before me paved the way for my greatness. You tell them, I don’t need your permission to wear my crown. I don’t need your permission to reach my goals. Tell them, I don’t need your affirmation to tell me that I am beautiful. I don’t need your OK to make me feel OK. In fact, I am more than OK. I am a queen. You tell them, I wear my crown proudly. I represent beautiful women all across this world. You tell them, I stand with my sisterhood demanding respect. Demanding equality. Demanding equal pay. Demanding to be acknowledged due to our intelligence and spirit, not based on our outward appearance. Demanding that our voices be heard. There is power in numbers. There is power in unity. There is power in our sisterhood of royalty. 

Beautiful sisters around the world, adjust your crown. Make sure it is straight. Do not let anyone belittle you or sidetrack you with their hate. You are a queen. You are worthy. You will do great things. Whether it be writing a poem that inspires many, whether it be becoming a leader in a community, or a leader of a nation of many. You are worthy. 

Why? Because you are a queen. Adjust your crown and take a seat at the throne of your dreams. Live your dreams, my beautiful queens. I believe in you. Women around the world believe in you. It is time for YOU to believe in YOU. 

Sit on your throne, wear your crown proudly. Continue to walk in dignity, grace, boldness, conviction, strength, and determination. No one can take those attributes from a queen.

Adjust your crown. You have earned it.


I welcome and encourage your comments and thoughts. Thank you.