Love Journey – Lessons Learned

Love is roses from time to time. Surprises and gifts. Disagreements and annoyances. Love is also patient and kind. Love is freedom to be completely yourself and sharing your complete, authentic self with someone else. 

One of the biggest lessons that love has taught me thus far in my young journey in life is the sheer importance of patience, empathy, compassion, forgiveness, and deciding whether that one issue, and there is always that one issue in relationships, will make or break your relationship. Will real love outweigh the imperfections of someone who did not ask your permission to be perfect? Do we not all have imperfections?

If you cannot live without that person or their small imperfections, like forgetting to place the top on a tube of toothpaste, small things should not prevent you from that one in a million chance to find and sustain love.

I have learned the biggest love lesson, which must come first prior to the manifestation of receiving love, is SELF-LOVE. It is critical to be happy with one’s self, and to place our creator first, in order to contribute and share love and happiness with another.

There is no other path to loving someone fully until you are able to love yourself fully.  If you do not love yourself, are unhappy with yourself, your love journey must begin with you.

Lastly,  love has taught me the importance of living in the moment. I have learned the importance of cherishing the small things, whether it be a laugh, a walk holding hands, or the joy of seeing your love after a few days away from each other. I continue to strive to look and experience the small, joyous things like they are happening for the first time. It is, in fact, the little things.

Those are my lessons learned on my love journey thus far. To be continued….

*imperfections within relationships with someone who is abusive, narcissistic, or just plain does not treat you in the awesome way you deserve to be treated, are never ever OK. You deserve to be treasured, cherished, loved, and treated well. 

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