Live, Laugh, Love

close up of tree against sky
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Dream. Hope. Aspire. Inspire.

Learn. Teach. Give. Receive.

Fight for your beliefs. Let your voice be heard. Have a conversation with someone who disagrees with you. Agree to respectfully disagree. Set an example. Be the example. Lead. Live your purpose. Walk in your purpose.

Be direct in your conversations. Be gracious. Practice humility. Complain less. Opine for the future more.

Celebrate your individuality. Have an inclusive mindset when it comes to others who are different. Tell someone the greatness you see in them. Tell them frequently.  Be a light of hope when times get dark. Be a voice of reason amongst many voices of dissent.

Acknowledge that you have a purpose. Believe that no matter the sizeyour contribution matters. Contribute and share your innate gifts.

Work Hard. Enjoy the good seeds you have sewn.

Laugh today. Laugh everyday. Never take yourself too seriously.

Live, Laugh, Love.

I welcome and encourage your comments and thoughts. Thank you.