The Fruitful Tree

timelapse photography of falls near trees
Photo by Fabian Reitmeier on

You can tell their fruits not when times are good, but when times are hard. When it is time to defend your honor, understand your tears, fight for what is just, and stand up for you, and stand with you. The fruits of a good friendship encompass all of these attributes. The fruits of a good friendship are full of compassion, empathy, kindness, and care.

The fruits of a fair-weather friendship are like those of a dried grape, which is dry from bitterness, emotionlessness, hurt, and pain. These fruits have no life to give, as they are lifeless.

If the fruits of your friendship are full and abundant through good and bad times, through the storms and winds of life, strong as oak trees planted by a rampant riverside, that is a friendship for which you can depend. That is a friendship whose steadfastness is unfailing. To you, who remains the same, who takes my hand and walks beside me through the trails and trials of life, who does not take my kind heart as a weakness, who knows how to give and not only receive; surely, you are a friend indeed.

To you, friend, I say thank you.

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