autumn autumn leaves blur close up
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I love the fall. I loved that this morning that I reached for my wool coat, as opposed to my go-to trench coat. I love the changes of the tree colors. I love the brisk fall air. I love that with seasonal change, life changes also take place.

Life is full of changes. I think about my life, and how in July 2017 the thought of an inspirational blog was but a dream. I think about wanting to work in a professional field that benefits the life of others in my community. That dream was fulfilled.

I think about worries I had a year ago today, the heartbreak, the uncertainty which, now, feels like a distant memory. 

God is good. What I have learned that my timing is not His. Change will come, when God allows us to learn lessons. Change will come, when God humbles us to be able to appreciate increase and his grace on our lives.  

Change comes when we humble ourselves and realize that as much as God allows for change and increase in our lives, we must never forget to reach behind us to extend our hands to those in need and pull them forward. 

Let us continue to be the change we wish to see in this world. Our creator would have it no other way. 

Be that change. 

I welcome and encourage your comments and thoughts. Thank you.