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by Ariane Cunningham

Happiness is attainable, you just have to choose it. Love is available, you just have to believe it. Peace is within reach, if only you receive it. Joy can be yours, if only you accept it. Living in your truth is easy, do not be afraid, others who care for you will accept it. Wisdom is within you and can be yours, if you ask God for more of it. You can start over, nothing is in your way to hinder it. Forgiveness is there, you simply must ask for it.

Happiness. Love. Peace. Joy. Truth. Wisdom. Forgiveness. The choice is yours to make, but only if you make it. It will make a difference just wait, and see. It is time to spread your wings and soar like an eagle, do not wait to do it. 

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Happiness – Defined

by Ariane Cunningham

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What is happiness?

It is being completely yourself. 

It is sharing joy with others. 

It is finding joy in the small things.

It is making an impact on the lives of others. 

It is not judgmental. 

It is kind. 

It is quick to forgive, and slow to anger.

It is living in your truth.   

It is knowing that each moment should be cherished.

It is small acts of kindness. 

It is the acceptance of being perfectly imperfect. 

It is being comfortable in your own skin. 

It is knowing that you are enough. 

It is knowing that you are capable of greatness.

It is knowing greatness is not defined by money or material things.

It is knowing in this large world, you have something integral to contribute. Something that only you can do. 

It is knowing it is never too late for a fresh start.

It is the expectation of being treated well and knowing you deserve nothing less.

It is knowing the importance of treating others well.

It is knowing to walk away when you are not treated well, as you deserve better. 

It is knowing that there are kindred spirits in this world. Those kindred spirits will accept you for who you are in this moment. 

It is finding your purpose, no matter how grand or small, and living in that purpose each day.


Encouragement, Happiness, Inspirational, Life Lessons, Motivation

When God…

by Ariane Cunningham

When God….

When do you learn the lesson? When does the light appear? 

The answers are these. When God shines his light into your soul, radiating through you for all the world to see. When God lets you know that you are not perfect, that is not how he created you to be. When God allows his Word, his grace, and his mercy to be hidden in your heart. When God lets you know that no weapon formed against you may prosper. It won’t work. When God arms you with his full armor, and you can use his word as your shield. When God answers your request for wisdom, and he gives it freely because he loves you.

When God stands at the door knocking for you to let him in. When God orders peace, and orders you to be still. When God calls you according to his purpose. When God wipes your tears and says, the battle is over, you can shout now.